Sunday, March 2, 2008

Me Frodo.

So, hey. Iz Frodo here.
My peeps tellz me that Iz their Sped Baby. Wassa Sped Baby? .... I guesses being in dat dark cage me whole kidhood wit no gettinz outside wernt no good for my developmentability, or sumthin ....I s'pose I DO feel a weedle mixed up sumtimes. But Iz thought dat wuz normal. Do you gotz any cookies? Ack! - Wait!....Wassat big noize? ....Hey, hurry up and hugz me - I wuv it....WHOA! Not'chu - I dunt even knoz you!

Mez big time hero iz Mizter Hector....Heso BRAVE! An'me bestest buddy in da whole wurld be Uba. He getz me. I wernt too into school until I figgers out dat Uba goes der too - YESH!....Now iz like one o me favert places to go.

ME LIKES: Cuddlin' wit da peeps is WAY good (Like in dat pitchure up der. Dats me der gettin'da luv. Yum.)....Dems big peeps eyes is so nice to stares into und theyz smiliz wen I looka dem....Food is, like, crazy happy GUD. And dawgs. Me luvs da dawgs. Theyz make me feelz so fluttery dat I can't stop me feets frum dancin.'
ME NO LIKES: Loud BOOM noizez....And peeps who gotz tall ladders growin' out der heads - YO Scary! And waitin' too long fer dinner....HURRY!

My peeps tellz me dat Iz doin' reel gud but that Iz always gunna be FUNY. Datz gud, huh?....I wantz to make me peeps laff. I hope I find me gud home sumday. Me peeps sed dat cuz Iz funny, I needz a home dats as spechul as I iz....Ain't they nice to call me spechul?

Luv, Frodo