Tuesday, February 26, 2013

how to breed pigeons

Dove is a type of bird that can be snapping or off and will return to the cage itself. pigeons also countless types of birds are easily treated. and to keep track and not just about the pigeons are difficult, because pigeons are sold in the market diIndonesia bird. before we raise pigeons, would be helpful to learn how to breed pigeons and doves select superior parent produces offspring that are superior as well, with the following steps:
  1. birds must you purchase it must be healthy. characteristics of healthy pigeons that have feathers nice. Melor is not the end of the wings in other words down. when in gear with the hand reaction force / resistance is great. 
  2. Do not try to buy a dove of old, this is not good for a limited purchase for slaughter or to be bred. characteristics of pigeon-old twilight / parents are as follows: approximately half of the meat that looks thin. part nostrils seem too thin there is no meat wrinkles. when in its beak has ngak look flash. 
  3. Time if you choose among the many birds that are in the cage, do not be too close to the cage first. take more than one step back and look at the behavior of pigeons too far. you should look at that as the king of birds in cages, or have properties very domininan
  4. Learn the characteristics of the male parent and a female parent

parent males generally have half-lives that are less thin, lehar bigger, longer head and big. fur around more shiny. when brought near another bird male / female else he would bekur (berkutut)
how to breed pigeons are also easy-easy to hard fact. There are two methods here, the first system of brackets. then the pigeon nga was disconnected or out of his cage. This step is not the case if the currently selected maximum menternakan pigeons. pigeons because the birds are happy to socialize through the fly and back and forth. but if this is the final step chosen method of livestock, try it in larger cages.
system off the cage.
for newly purchased birds from the bird market ngak could soon regardless. brackets and the love of her bird feeder during several days ago in the cage. The following wings disalasiban / on tape / glue in isolation. Bird then released in the wings glued condition (do not try feather wings cause damage when she opened the glue or glue). let the bird out of the cage alone for the first time. when night falls, when the bird has to know his new home home alone measure meaningful progress.
let this matter beberpaa repeatedly throughout the day until it is possible to escape (a very safe guide which time the birds have been nesting and incubating newapart)
make itself actually marry no trick, collect more than one pigeons in cages throughout the first week, so will be going anatar fellow pigeons. couples who have split up so it no longer-if it does not harmfully apain or none of them. and when it's time to see nesting pigeons will also move. Here is an alert signal if the pigeons will lay eggs. yearling males will aggressively shaped and tail where the female bird and he flew. always trailing behind the female bird to look like overprotect (like people going out alone: ​​p)
limited knowledge, time - time that pigeon can balapkan. steps: catch siburung breeders entering the cage. separate and do not have time look by male birds along more than one minute. then when siburung male has seemed busy / confused female bird tracks and calling out to remove the characteristic tone khuuu khuuu the female bird. sijantan be sticky handsreal time to match the dove is simple, to match my current penglaman pigeons:
  1. specify the pigeons that we will jodohkan, surely must make sure the male and female. but sometimes birds can mate sejenispun fellow, but very rarely. 
  2. kandangkan males and females in one cage. the good cage lid (gupon) at night. 
  3. birds bathe in the morning and basking in sunlight. more great if males and females are separated, but still in a cage.
  4. dry after the bird inside the cage again enter and feed.
  5. repeat no more than 2-4 more or less 3 days so the birds will jodah and disa for templekkan.,.,
when you have a mate (templek) finished off the male birds can and will track bettinanya (its a bird whose name still templek (Idioms Java)) until the bird nesting.
for helping to protect marriage siburung so smoothly no steps'> also means that we can do. an alert signal will spawn a new one has seemed like I mentioned above, you can provide kceil woody stem like sticks, straw, rope marks were small, or anything that nature can be in rope and then dove nest. because during the spawning season arrives, doves will track these objects to elucidate pedestal egg for pengeramaan.
free dove incubating approximately 19-22 days only. it certainly has its time. ngak whole eggs may hatch too. very much the use of pigeons yielded only 2 eggs, 3 eggs are very rare. when the eggs hatch love is eating corn be-er or a fine to bird breeders, because their children will be fed childish.
the food was very good for the corn and pigeon pea green. but there is more than one custom forbade his taking or killing pigeons, even sell them for slaughter. then, try not trade doves, kill, or eat it. because pigeons are also human counterparts like like cats