Sunday, July 13, 2008

a day at the park

My dad took me to a big park yesterday where I got to hang out with my buddies Luca, Kaia, and Chance. There were lots of other dogs there too, and tents, people and those crazy orange cones, like the ones at dog school. We hung out for a few hours, and then went to where the tents and cones were.

We walked around and stopped at cones where all kinds of stuff would happen. Some nice stuff and then some weird stuff. What kind of crazy class is this ? Its not like regular class. My dad didn't even talk to me. Oh' well, I liked it anyway. I like school.

It went real fast, and when we were done, I got lots of praise from my dad and a cool green lizard toy to chew on. Mmmmm...lizard toy, I like squeeky lizard toys. Then a guy came over to talk to my dad. He said something about passing. Weird.....I didn't smell anything.

I also got to see my Aunt Shannon and Uncle Mike again. I got to stay with them for a while before I got my forever home. The taught me about cats, and how to live with them without getting into trouble. I'm glad they taught me that, cause cats get cranky rather quickly. It was really nice to see them again.

After a long day, we went back home. My dad gave me a steak. I REALLY like steak!!! He said it was because I passed my ATTS exam. I don't really know what ATTS is, but I sure like the cool letters I get to add to my name, they come with STEAK !!!

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