Thursday, October 27, 2011

Floppy Uba

Since my surgery I have learned that there is a new kind of Uba. Its called floppy Uba.
I think floppy Uba has something to do with this little bright pink treat that she says is helping my knee heal. Every morning on my breakfast there is one of the special pink treats.
Then, after breakfast my mom makes a little meat ball with a special treat tucked in the middle. She puts it in the fridge and my friends who come in the middle of the day to help me walk around the back yard on leash and check on the squirrel give it to me.
After I eat the pink treats I feel all floppy. My body is all heavy and I just want to rest in the sun. She says this is good for me because it lets my new knee get ready for all the fun I have planned. If my mom is home, she helps my floppy body get up on the bench in the sun so I can snuggle with Lulu. Lulu is always kind of floppy and I guess thats why her knees aren't naughty.
I sometimes even get floppy while I'm working on the blog, which is why its taken a little while for me to get this post ready.
My new knee feels really good when I try it out on my walks and when I do the things I'm not supposed to do because its been a long time since I had a pink treat. My mom says I have two more weeks until we go to see the doctor. Once the doctor has looked at my knee again I should be able to start having fun. Although being floppy Uba is ok, I can't wait to be bouncy and fun Uba again.

floppy hugs,

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