Wednesday, May 20, 2015

You Save: $14.42 for Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter
I've been using this litter for almost a year now, and decided to wait a long time to see how it performs before leaving a review. We have five adult cats and three very large custom-made litter boxes (made from the giant covered Rubbermaid totes, as three of our cats are 20+ pounds (and not fat, they are big breeds)). The cats range from 8 years old (two of them) to 12+. Litter and cleaning litter boxes is something I feel like I'm an expert in by now (having been an indoor cat owner for almost twenty-five years).

At first, after coming from almost a pure dust-based litter like Scoop-Away, this product was a blessing. I tried it, the corn/wheat based stuff, other synthetic types, and as I whittled down which litters were the best, this one, by far, was the absolute best when it came to odor, dust, tracking, and general enjoyment (I don't really say that with a straight face, as litter boxes are anything but enjoyable, but Precious Cat made the daily job far, far more enjoyable than before).

Three months ago I was finally ready to leave a glowing review, but then suddenly the litter that started arriving regularly from Amazon was the same bag, but the contents seem to have cheapened. This litter is now almost as dusty as the stuff I used to use, and this is a huge problem. The minimal tracking qualities of this litter has also shifted, and where I could do little easy spot cleanups daily as I cleaned the boxes, I now have to vacuum every other day as this stuff is all over the house (it's not pleasant to find it UNDER the fitted sheet on a bed, since the cats love to get on the bed before it gets made when we change the sheets/blankets).

The odor control is no longer 'control' but more like 'non-existent'. Typically, we don't have odor issues, as again, I clean these boxes daily without fail (and if I don't, someone else does... it has to happen daily with this many cats or it does become a problem). Lately though, it's getting unpleasant. Keep in mind, once per month, I completely change the litter out and scrub/wash the boxes thoroughly, so it's not any kind of build-up. We've always surprised visitors to our home who exclaim there's no way they'd ever know we had five cats because there's never been cat box odor before... this is no longer true.

I'm not sure what happened over the course of the last six months or so, but the quality of this litter is no better than the rest. I would absolutely LOVE to give four or five stars, but I'm now starting to shop for other brands. It doesn't help that Amazon has now pulled the product from their own shelves to investigate issues (though those issues might be packaging/delivery issues, of which I've never had a single problem) that customers are having.

If the mfg of this product reads this, please, please fix whatever you've done to Precious Cat litter and give me the quality product that I have been buying exclusively for almost a year. I hate having to shop for different litter, and the cats aren't very keen about it either.