Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bouncing for Joy!

My name is Uba, which I picked out myself, but sometimes my mom tells me I should be called "tigger" since tiggers like to bounce. She also calls me a "pit-bull-on-a-pogo-stick" and a "kangaroo-bull". Those must be good things because I think they have something to do with bouncing!

Now I am a free dog, I like to bounce and pounce and leap around. When I am happy and there are no big scary noises around and I feel safe I make my people laugh by bouncing. Here I am bouncing in the snow when we went on a big adventure to a cold place and I got to wear my sweaters.


Now I have people who are nice to me and friends to play with and yummy food in my tummy and hugs and toys and a warm soft bed and a house I am so happy! I think the best way to show happy is to bounce a lot. If my cat-friends Angus and William are nearby, I leap right over them. They act a little annoyed, but I think they like my bouncing, really.

My people take me outside when I get really bouncy so I don't break things or crash into my big sis, Lulu. Woo Hoo! Outside means I can play with tennis balls, the best toys ever. They bounce just like me! My people throw tennis balls for me and I can run and bounce and leap after them! Sometimes they make the ball bounce really high, and then I get to bounce even more than normal! This is a video of me bouncing with my wubba.

All that bouncing makes me hot!