Sunday, January 11, 2009

There's a Tiny Human in my Sunny Spot!

Last week my people cleaned up the room where Lulu and I nap in the sun and they closed the door and wouldn't let us in there. It was kind of annoying but they said someone called godson was coming to visit so we couldn't spend time in that room for a little while. Eventually a nice lady showed up with a tiny human. I've seen these tiny humans out on walks and at class, but never in my house before. I was kind of nervous. Maybe the tiny human would make everything change! He definitely seemed pretty scary.

The next day my dad said it was time for me to meet godson.
He let me and Lulu go into the room with our sunny spot and asked me to sit nicely and say hello to Khari, which is another name for godson, apparently.
hmmm... this tiny human may not be so bad. I gave him a cautious sniff, and a good lick to see.He didn't really like the lick, but he didn't seem too bad to me, so we enjoyed the sunny spot and talked about being small
This human puppy gets a lot of attention, and he still does scary things sometimes, but I am getting used to him. I hope I get to lick him again soon.