Sunday, January 10, 2010

Usually I'm a Good Boy

But sometimes I like to be naughty. When I'm naughty I enjoy things like putting my paws on the kitchen counter to see the food, or jumping on and off my people's bed while my mom is making it, or not paying attention in class, or pulling things from outside my crate in to my crate.

Unfortunately, my people can tell when I'm thinking about being naughty because my ears get all crazy. They call it "naughty ear".

See how the right one goes up and over? That's naughty ear.

When my ears are naughty I sometimes get to do fun things, like go on my treadmill!

Other times I have to go in my house until my ears calm down.

It's not as fun as the treadmill.

Remember though, usually, I'm a good boy.