Friday, February 13, 2009

behind the scenes

Hi Everybody-

Im sure you have seen when a few of us got to be in a famous sports magazine a while back. It was a lot of fun meeting all the magazine folks and getting my picture taken. Picture time means lots of cookies come my way. The people always hold cookies next to a camera so I will look at it. Then I get one. Heh, little do they know, I got them all figured out. I only look for a second or two, then turn away. I get way more cookies doing that. Mmmmm, cookies.

Anyway, my dad thought I should share this " behind the scenes " photo of my bud Cal and me working it for the camera. He said it was too cute not to share. Phooey, cute is for girls. We don't do cute. What we do is look cool. Yeah...Cool.

My dad also said I shoud thank everyone who helped, and for once, I think he might be right. So, BIG THANKS to, Jim and Deanne for the great story and pictures they put in thier magazine. Also big thanks to Cal for taking pictures with me, even though you didn't get any cookies. And I can't forget Brian, Asha, and Debbie down at Peninsula Humane for helping me score this great job. You guys are more than cool.

Life is good,