Sunday, March 1, 2009

CGC for me....too.

Hi Everybody..It's me Grace. Yesterday my foster dad woke me up early like usual and took me for my walk, but then we got into the car, and left for doggie school. Wait, don't Jonny and me get to play after walking ??? That was kind of weird. It wasn't like a normal day at school too, it was way eariler.

When we got there , I went to a table with my foster dad, where he scratched a stick on a paper, and then we waited around. Ok, this is weird. Where are the treats, where are all orange thingys we walk around ? Hmmm. Then I heard our names being called. We wend over to a nice lady who took our paper and scratched it with a stick some more. Then she shook my foster dad's hand, brushed me, looked in my ears, at my teeth, and shook all my paws. Ok. This is good and all, but don't I get a cookie ? So we walked around a little bit, did some fancy turns, met another dog, had to sit, lay down and sit again before wearing a really long, and I mean really long, leash. Then I sat still while foster dad walked back and forth, then called me to him. Then my foster dad left me with this nice lady, and went away. I guess he had to go potty. He came back, and the nice lady scratched the paper some more.

Then...OMG...a huge party !!!! My foster dad was so happy, I got a huge helping of cookies, a toy, and lots of people saying nice things to me. They all said I just didn't pass, I breezed through the test. Wait..what test ??? You mean we just took a test and I passed. Does this mean I get steak tonight like Jonny and Hector did ? WOOOO HOOOOO. I love tests.

So now I am a CGC. Foster dad says it stands for Cute, Good, and Cuddly.

Hey, that's just like me.